Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday in Pigeon Falls

Today's Saying
Solvitur ambulando, St. Jerome was fond of saying. To solve a problem, walk around. ~Gregory McNamee

The Pigeon Day’s Parade on Saturday was certainly one of the greatest parades ever in Pigeon Falls.
It started with a surprise . Instead of Vicki East riding in an open car and singing the Pigeon Falls song. It started, instead, with Calab riding one of those huge , wooly, elephant creatures and carrying a bouncing head. One poor lady was so surprised she dropped her pasty. The animal raised its trunk, trumpeted and the building shook. At the end of the parade route Calab rode off into the woods.
Apparently the only one’s who knew this was coming were Mrs. Trumble and Vicki East. Of course, everything else was sort of anti climax but still fun. Last Lutheran’s Youth Group had a beautiful float built around the theme saved by grace. The Liar’s Club had a giant mouth. People were very creative but Calab still stole the show.
It was a very good day for the Methodist ladies who sold a lot of pasties. You can’t beat a good Methodist pasty made from an old Cornish recipe.
Today they will name the potato farmer of the year and all the summer festivities will be over.
The only other thing to be announced is the winner of the Liar’s Club Contest. Rumor has it that Jon Bergall got a 9.7 but that’s only a rumor.


  1. WoW! Calab is really getting a LOT of exposure these days! He's nearly reaching celebrity status... leading parades and all...

    First Lutheran had a flock of flamingos show up this weekend!

  2. Boy Calab is becoming the talk of Pigeon Falls. What a wonderful way to join in the parade and so nice of Vicki East to let him lead the parade. Just wonderful. Hmmm wonder how true the rumor is? :)

  3. You know Jon Bergall started that rumor, right? Nobody is sure if it's truth of just more of what's to be expected from a member of The Liars Club.

    And speaking of rumors, any truth to the one about the tourist slipping and falling in Woolly Mammoth dung? They're saying that she suddenly appeared to be 20 years younger and Flo from the beauty parlor scrapped the stuff up and carted it away.

  4. Calab is smart! He didn't even have to build his own float! Imagine the savings....

  5. Calab is really making a name for himself now. Seems he fits in real well with aliens. :)

  6. Um... do creatures from another dimension count as aliens? Just wondered.