Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just a Normal week

Today's Saying

To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while. ~Josh Billings

So far this is one of the weeks that people in Pigeon Falls cherish.
There has been no pronouncement from Petrovich.
The dragons have flown over every evening.
The whale showed up in the Lake of the Loons.
The ghost piano played right on time and the empty shoes danced.
Tourists kept coming.
The Liar’s Club story tellers entertained people on main street.
Just a normal week.
Well that is if you don’t count the two government men who have been harassing Calab. They want him to tell them where the bouncing heads are. Calab claims he doesn’t know as they haven’t given him that information. He did tell him that they don’t talk as such. When they want him to know something the words just appear in his mind. “It was their idea to do the juggling act in the variety show. I don’t even know how to juggle.” Calab pointed out.
Despite their threats to have him arrested for harboring aliens Calab hasn’t told them anything more.
Tommy UK has been getting all the information he ccan from his birth mother Mrs. Trumble. It really made him feel good that she had come to Pigeon Falls to watch over him. She even showed him her album of pictures she took of him as he was growing up.
But finally hhe asked her the one question rthat was left.
“Who is my birth father? Is it the man in black?”


  1. Hey! Don't stop here! I want to know Mrs. Trumble's answer!

  2. Ohhhhhhh no ya don't! It's not even September yet - much LESS October! Calab can't juggle? WOW! Those heads are really talented!

  3. Him...juggling heads by a juggler that doesn't know how to juggle with words that just appear in his head...hmmmm....I wonder if Mrs. Trumble is going to make Tommy UK work as hard to find his birth father as he did with finding her?

  4. There's a law against harboring aliens? Now you tell me.