Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Parade

Today's Saying

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
Charles Austin Beard

Today is the day of the big Pigeon Falls Day Parade. All over town people are dressing up or hauling out floats. You can here Eino’s Stanley Steamer as he fine tunes the motor. That is one noisy car. There is no celebrity to lead the parade this year so it will begin with a float by the Musicgals on which Mrs. Vicky East will be singing the not yet revised Pigeon Falls song. Rumor is that the Liar’s Club has a giant pigeon on their float this year. But with the Liar’s Club it is hard to get the truth. The Big Liar Buddy East has announced that all the stories will be in and told by tomorrow. So Monday if there is one clear winner he or she will be announced. It looks like the parade is shaping up to be the greatest parade ever.
Looking back over the week.
On Friday Mrs. Trumble noted the great work that Constable Ican was doing and told the town Council they now had a real police force. She moved to change the name from Constable to Police with Ican as Chief. She really wants to keep him here.
During the week people, usually tourists, reported seeing a large wooly elephant like creature but that has not been confirmed.
There is some fear that one of the giant spiders is still running around but where can a giant spider hide?
A lot of people did their “ I remember when” stories but the bad judges seemed to have returned and they didn’t score well. Lots and lots of complaining this year that the judges were just too low scoring.


  1. You watch those judges. The days they give out the really bad scores, are the days when they eat in the Court House cafeteria. They days they give out the best scores are the days they eat at Nancy's. They are judging on the condition of their stomach's and not the quality of the food.

  2. ROFL! I think Quilly might have meant the quality of their work! But I'm not sure! LOL!

    Ya know... I saw what I thought was a rope climbing thing for the kids just along the edge of the woods down by the lake. It was shaped like a giant spider web... but really... I'm SURE it was a climbing thing... Parks and Rec is getting very creative these days!

  3. Those dang judges giving low scores hmmph I would think those spiders might hide on a float?

  4. That Liar's Club thing is hard. I tried it, but got bogged down with other things and never finished.