Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tommy's Mother ?

Today's Saying
A characteristic of the normal child is he doesn't act that way very often. ~Author Unknown

Constable Ican filled Mrs. Trumble in on what he had done and she agreed with him that the course he took was the best one for everybody.
“You know , of course, that we really would have had a hard time prosecuting Percy. I’m not even sure if he broke any laws.” Mrs. Trumble said to Ican.
“All that really counts is he believed he could be prosecuted.” Ican replied. “ Just remember cheaters always feel guilty when their caught.”
After Ican left Tommy UK arrived at the Town Hall. He told Mrs. Trumble that the hypnotism had revealed who his birth mother was.
Mrs. Trumble said “That’s wonderful! Who is she?”
Tommy UK smiled and replied “ I’m not telling anybody her name until I am sure it isn’t some thing that is the result of the hypnotism and that she really is my birth mother”.
“ That seems reasonable but how do you intend to become sure?” she asked him.
Tommy proceeded to explain his possible plans. “Plan number one was is to run up to her throw my arms around her and say “ mommy . I’m so happy I found you”. Then see how she responds. . If she looks at me like I’m totally insane then I’ll know it’s a gigantic mistake.”
Mrs. Trumble thought for a moment and said “But suppose she is a good actress and looks at you like you were insane . Then you still won’t know.”
“ Well I guess then I should consider plan 2” Tommy groaned “ I will hum this little melody while I’m visiting with her and see if she seems to recognize it If she does I will know I’m on the right track.. In any case I came to you because I need to practice. Will you help me.?
Mrs. Trumble agreed to help . Tommy asked her to play the part of his mother.
Then he threw his arms around her and said “ Mommy mommy I’ve found you”.


  1. Chief Ican is the bomb if you ask me. I love his line of thinking. I wonder if Mrs. Trumble is going to get an academy award for acting or at least and award for Pigeon Falls Days. I can't help but think that she is not his mother and it's going to burst Tommy UK's bubble.

  2. Ah, I wasn't expecting that. How many more months must we wait for the revelation?

  3. Oh, you tease. I have to wait some more. I don't know if I can. Well, yes, of course I will.

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  4. Ohhhhhhhh you are such an incredible TEASE!

  5. Smooth. Can't wait to see how she reacts.