Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today's Saying

Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? ~Coleman Cox

Either the judges are getting more generous or we have a better group of story tellers. Yesterday there were a number of people whose stories rated high eight's and another over nine. The over nine was achieved by Josh Pemberthy. Here is his story:
I remember when the entire town of Mayfar disappeared into that fog and vanished forever. Some of you must remember Mayfar. It was thirty miles down Higgins road . If you go there now you will see a huge field where the town used to be.
When I was a kid I used to go to Mayfar once a week to visit my uncle Bob and his wife Stella. They ran a little grocery store there and he always had a treat for me. I would get on my moped early in the morning and spend most of the day with them. I got to know most of the people in Mayfar. They were a nice lot. I really liked them.
But then came my last trip to Mayfar . It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining bright but as I came up to Mayfar it was shrouded in a dense fog. You just couldn’t see the town at all. Then suddenly the fog lifted and there was no town at all.
My uncle’s store was gone. The Odd Fellow’s building which was a big as our Masonic building was gone. The Happy Logger Lumber Yard was gone. Every single building was gone . Taken away by that fog.
Well I raced home to tell my mother. I hollered “ Ma, Ma , Mayfar has vanished. Uncle Bob is gone.
She said “ Are you off your meds again?” She said that a lot.
That’s when I understood the magic or the invisible alien rays had gotten to her. She even said I didn’t have an uncle Bob. And he was her brother.
See I was protected by this aluminum foil in my hat. The rays couldn’t get through that. But they got to everybody else. Even the pictures in the family album of Mayfar all fogged up.
But I still knew.
A girl, Heloise, I met at the Institution is the only one , other than me, that remembers Mayfar.
Don’t look at me like that I took my meds this morning.
And I do remember when Mayfar vanished


  1. Jeez, and they almost had me convinced to take the aluminum foil out of my hat. Now there ain't no way I'm doing that!

  2. I think Josh and Tarmo must have been sitting at the same table in the library when they wrote their stories!

    Quilly... the aluminum foil does NO GOOD if you don't WEAR the hat!

  3. Thank goodness for the aluminum foil errr maybe the meds. Either way it's a great story :)

  4. I'm scoring it a 10 for reasons of my own.