Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally the Truth

Today's Saying
Problems always look smaller after a warm meal and a good night’s sleep.- Old Saying

Poor Tommy UK almost burst into tears when he saw the look on Mrs. Trumble’s face. He had been so sure. But then she threw her arms around him and began to cry and laugh at the same time.
Finally she stopped and asked “ What took you so long? “
He responded “ Why didn’t you just tell me I gave you plenty of opportunity”=. You know.”
I couldn’t “ she explained “ I promised a long time ago I wouldn’t tell you unless you confronted me and already knew. But I’ve been trying to help you. I even hummed the song I sang to you when you were a baby.”
Then she went on to tell of her falling in love with a wonderful young man. They seemed perfect for each other. They talked of marriage. She gor pregnant with Tommy. He told her why he couldn’t marry her and why he had to leave. So there she was in Hollywood, pregnanyt with no husband so she packed up and moved home. Tommy was born in her parent’s house. They didn’t dare go to a hospital where she might be recognized so a good friend who was a Doctor came there. The Doctor knew your uncle and arranged to take the baby to him and he arranged the adoption. She disappeared from public view altogether.
At a private party she met Mr. Trumble. He knew nothing of her history . In fact he had never been to a movie. They dated for a bit and then they married. She talked him into retiring in Pigeon Falls so she could keep an eye on Tommy and when Mr. Trumble died she stayed on.
This was almost more information than Tommy could process but it did help him to see why Mrs. Trumble had always been so important to him.
Now he needed her to tell him who his father was.


  1. Yay! I am so glad that Mrs. Trumble is Tommy's momma! I hoped this would be true.

    Now, I want to discover that Tommy's daddy is the Man in Black.

  2. WOOT...Let's hear it for Tommy UK and Mrs. Trumble. I'm so glad she is his mom...what a tale she had to tell...Now the process begins of who his father is :)

  3. Oh boy... How is THIS gonna come out? This oughta be MIGHTY interesting... oughta take til about OCTOBER!!!