Friday, August 7, 2009

The Going Going House

Today's Saying
Getting your ducks in a row is not easy as just when you think your there one falls off, one flys away, and one is really a goose and bites you. ~Dr. John

The Pigeon Falls Lion's Club wishes to announce a story writing contest for anybody interested in writing short stories. The Story can be anywhere between one hundred and six hundred words. 'The title must be " I remember when ........"
The story should be obviously false but with a ring of possible truth. ( Figure that out)
There are no real prizes but your story will become part of the ongoing Pigeon Falls story.
More information is available HERE

The Liar’s Club contest goes on yesterday three people told there stories. None of them scored above an eight. All of them are saying it’s the judges. They are just scoring low this year. But this morning Tarmo Teliva who is visiting relatives in Pigeon Falls scored a nine point one two five. Here is his story.:
I remember when the Grampa Teliva’s house in Chicago disappeared . I was only eight years old and we lived down the street from Grandpa and Grandma in the Finnish section of old Chicago. I’m sure you remember when Chicago had a Finnish section. We even had a Finn Church and Finn stores. Today I think that section is a slum but then it was a wonderful place to live.
It was a beautiful day and I was sitting at the picnic table in the back yard having lemonade with Grandma when it started. Grandma grabbed my arm and shouted “ etsiƤ! EtsiƤ! “ . In those days I spoke Finnish as well as I spoke English and I knew she was saying “ Look! Look!” . So I Looked where she was pointing.
Now I know your not going to believe what I’m going to tell you but I swear it’s the truth. The house was disappearing. It was as if somebody was taking an eraser and starting from the top of the chimney was erasing the house. We watched in terror as first the roof, then the second floor, then the downstairs all disappeared .It went on until all that was left was a hole in the ground. There was no rubble or parts of the building just the hole. Grandma started to scream in Finnish and I had trouble understanding what she was saying, my Finnish was good but not that good. But then I figured out what had her so upset my cousin Raymond was sleeping on the couch in the living room and he and the dog were gone too.
I took my little Brownie camera, remember those, and I took a picture. I didn’t know what else to do.
Then the building started coming back. It started in the basement and little by little moved up to the roof and then it was back. I took pictures as it happened but they all didn’t turn out.
Grandma rushed inside and found Raymond still sleeping . He didn’t even know anything had happened.
Soon after that they sold the house and moved to Calumet in Upper Michigan. I really missed them.
I guess the house got caught in some kind of dimensional warp. It was there but not in our dimension.
We all worried about Raymond but he went on to become a judge and had no ill effects from the experience.
In case you don’t believe me I have my pictures here. They aren’t very good. I mean it was just a cheap Brownie camera. But you can see the hole and that there is no rubble .
But even if you don’t believe me I remember when the house disappeared.


  1. Wow! How weird. When I was a little girl a house appeared, magically, in the empty lot behind our house. It never went back away, though. In fact, it is still there today.

  2. Now, I think THIS one deserved at least a 9.7!

  3. Hmmm disappearing houses. Thank goodness for the Brownie. 9.6

  4. Oh, poor Dr. John. Did a goose bite you at the fair? They can be vicious! Believe me. I know. ;)