Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor Calab

Today's Saying
People should take time to be happy. - Grandma Moses

Calab Hendrickson has disappeared. He hasn’t been seen since his last Wednesday. His relatives are worried and have asked Constable Ican to investigate.
Of course this being Pigeon Falls rumors abound.
He was eaten by the bouncing heads.
He was taken by one of those giant spiders.
He was kidnapped by the bouncing heads.
He was stepped on by one of those big, wooly elephant like things. He lies crushed in the woods.
The government agents have him in a secret government location and are trying to force him to tell them where the bouncing heads are.
He got drunk and fell into a ravine somewhere.
He has a secret girlfriend and is spending time at her place.
He went to Disney World ( Amanda –six suggested this)
Nancy says at least Ican has a lot to choose from.
Our good Constable, however, has some problems. He needs a legal way to get into Calab’s house. The man has a right to privacy. There is no proof he is dead or kidnapped. There is no proof any crime has been committed. So he can’t just pick the lock or break the door. Calab's relatives, on the other hand are sure something terrible has happened and want action now.
So Ican went out to Calab’s place. There was one small house and two barns , all locked up tight. No signs of a struggle outside. There is some kind of stain on the front porch which could very well be blood and tests as blood with Ican’s limited equipment. But whether it’s human or not is another question. The town has no crime lab and Ican has to send a sample out to the crime lab. That takes time.


  1. I was starting to worry that the Chief was getting bored... not enough happening in Pigeon Falls to keep him busy... I'm glad he's got something to do now -- but I sure hope ol' Calab is okay!

  2. I hope that Calab is going to be okay. Sounds like Ican has his work cut out for him :)

  3. Poor Ican. The life of an officer can be fraught with restraint.

  4. Oh dear. I told you. As soon as you hire a sheriff, you need one!

  5. AND, if Caleb is legally a missing person, Sheriff Ican can enter his home in search of evidence! Of course, a locksmith is preferred to breaking the door down ....