Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama born where?

Today's Saying
The memories of men are too frail a thread to hang history from. ~John Still

Sophia Polaski who is her visiting her relatives did a Lion’s Club Liar’s Club story. She got over a 9.
Here is her story.
I remember when I found out what President Obama really was. I have to swear all of you to secrecy because if they find out I know they will destroy me. In fact if you listen to my story you are taking a real risk.
As my relatives may have told you I worked for the Obama campaign. I did such a good job I was even asked to accompany his main group on some campaign trips. It was on one of those trips that I made my discovery. I had left some of my material in the conference room and went back to retrieve it. That’s when I heard them. They were concerned about being sure they could prove he was born in the US. Finally one of them said we’ll go back in time and set the documents in place. They won’t be able to doubt that.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could they go back in time and tamper with official documents? It made no sense.
The door was open a crack and that’s when I saw them. They had dropped their human shape and were there as the aliens they were, almost human but still different. They had plans on taking over the world. It started with getting one of them elected President. Well I got out of there before they saw me. The next day I made an excuse about an illness in the family and left the group.
I never went back.
I know what he is and that he was born on another galaxy.
Now I do have a picture of me and the President. I also have a very blurry picture I took through the crack in the door but if you look close I think you can see they aren’t human.
I remember when it all happened and I’m reminding you to tell no one.


  1. So that's where the Globe story came from!

  2. I KNEW IT!!!!

    Seriously, I think the "non-U.S. Obama" folks got started when his Kenyan step-grandmother said she remembered when he was born right there in Kenya. So Obama's Mama got must have quickly boarded a plane with her newborn and headed for Honolulu (I'm good at rhyme and also alliteration) to get that birth REGISTERED in the U.S., and that's how the announcement got in the Honolulu newspaper and...it's all just too confusing. But I do remember the statement from his step-grandmother in Africa. Maybe she is as batty as a loon, but she did say it. I am not making this up.

  3. Oh my gosh! Pigeon Falls will now be OVERRUN with MIBs! And I'm betting the ALIENS are responsible for your computer problems! This story should have NEVER been told!

  4. My lips are sealed. I even debated leaving a comment for fear of the Men In Black and those pesky aliens. HAH!!!! to that explains the whole thing Well done Sophia...you go girl Nano Nano

  5. well I love your story and I knew he was an alien! (what kind of vitamins do you take? I want some!)

  6. Yep, the MIB will be out in force. Finally.